Our Approach

The key to a successful Nursery School schedule is a balance of activities. Young children need to offset active with quiet time, group with individual student-teacher time, and indoor activities with outdoor activities. An early-childhood program should also provide for child-directed “free-play” experiences in addition to the more structured, teacher-directed activities.

Class routines are important because pre-schoolers like to anticipate and repeat activities. For example, knowing that music and movement time generally follows snack time helps young children feel secure in their school environment.

Our staff is always striving to adjust their daily plans to encourage the educational and emotional growth of their students. Class schedules are used as a basic guide, and are adapted by each Head Teacher to allow for changing student interests and special events throughout the school year.

Certified teachers coordinate the classes and assistant teachers are assigned to each class. A variety of age appropriate activities are planned for each class session.

Our goal at Sunshine Schoolhouse is to place every child according to his or her personal and educational requirements. Our experienced staff members are carefully chosen and all have professional credentials. We utilize a developmental approach and creative “hands-on” activities are incorporated into all curriculum areas.

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